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For Solving Water Problems Deionization = Pure Water & Saltless Softners
About Us We are the different water company. Unlike the others, we have a unique product line custom made for your needs.
Our Facility In Casco, Michigan Our History Ken Hancock, Owner of The Water Solution was born in the 1950's in St. Clair County, Michigan, when our water ways were fresh and safe. Over the years, we watched our water get progressively worse, to the point that we can't eat the fish or swim in the lakes. With population comes pollution: chemicals from factories, overflow of raw sewage, miles of old water lines. Should we use the water without treatment? Basically, you need an application to be sure your family is safe from contaminants. Getting involved in the water industry in 1987, we saw the need for water treatment. Being a research and development company, we are always looking for new and better ways. The typical ways weren't good enough, so we custom made our products for your needs. Look our systems over and see the difference.
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